Calendar items for congregational information must be submitted to the Church Office by Monday of the week the
notice is to be published in the First Church bulletin. Items will be posted to the web site calendar within a few days
of receipt. If the calendar does not display in your Internet Explorer browser, please switch to a different browser,
such as Chrome or Safari.

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You can now download and print the church's Building Use Request Form that is used as a guide when setting up all
events. Complete the form and return to the church office for all events. Please be sure to include the contact
information and date of event. For questions or availability, please contact the
church office, or by phone at (326-
1691, ext. 200). The event is only officially added to the church calendar when this form is submitted to the Church
Office. All events are scheduled on a first come, first served basis and may be altered when church-wide programs
or ministries necessitate. For more information, please see
Building Use Guidelines & Procedures.

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