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Grant Funds Available through the Deacons’ Endowment Fund

The Deacons’ Endowment Fund (DEF) was established in 2001 to help groups and organizations within the First
Presbyterian Church community that are developing new mission and outreach programs within our church community
by supplementing initial funding in the form of matching grants.

What is the Deacons’ Endowment Fund?  This endowment fund was initially funded by the generous bequest made
by a former member of the Board of Deacons of First Presbyterian Church of Davenport and subsequently received
additional funding from other generous members of our congregation.  Periodically the DEF opens the application
process for awarding grants.  These funds are awarded for the purpose of helping to establish new mission, outreach,
pastoral care, and spiritual development programs within our church community.

What type of grant is available?   The DEF grants are designated to help defray the start up cost of new projects or
programs according to guidelines established by the Board of Deacons.  Generally these guidelines include:

 Programs or projects need to be of an on-going nature rather than a one-time event.

 Any money that is awarded is in the form of a matching grant.  In other words, equal funding from other sources
should be part of the initial planning process.

 “Matching funds” need not be interpreted to be only at 50% and matching funds do not necessarily need to be in the
form of cash.

 The maximum grant that can be awarded is $5,000.

Who can apply?   Grants can provide funding to any organization or group within the FPC community that is trying to
start a new mission or outreach program or project within First Presbyterian Church or the church community.

How does one go about applying for a grant?  First each group, individual, or organization should establish a
projected budget for the program, create a description of the program goals as well as an outline of how those goals
will be achieved, and an organizational structure.  These are critical elements of the process.  A grant application form
must then be completed and submitted for consideration by the Board of Deacons.

The Deacons have announced that the application process will be open for the period September 15 through
November 15, 2018.

Follow this link to complete the grant application on-line or you may also download the printable application.