Simple Gifts

Just as most financial assets grow with the years, so gifts to
the church may provide benefits to continuing generations.
The Foundation of First Presbyterian Church, Davenport,
Iowa, is dedicated to increasing support of the church and
expanding the work of its mission programs. Established in
1999 as an improved means of giving, the Foundation of First
Presbyterian Church continues and broadens the work of the
Development Fund set up in 1960. In addition to carrying on
the work of the original Development Fund that preceded it,
the Foundation also provides a variety of ways to give.

Funds that work at home

The Foundation, like the Development Fund, is a corporation
separate from the church, not controlled by the Presbyterian
Church (U.S.A.). It works in support of First Presbyterian
Church, other local Presbyterian churches, and local
humanitarian ministries.

Consistent management

A board of trustees consisting of nine church members
oversees the operation of the foundation. In any given year,
at least one-third of the trustees will have more than two
years' experience, one-third will have served more than a
year, and no more than one-third could be in their first year of
office. Trustees may serve up to nine years. After one year
off, they may serve up to another nine years.

The Foundation operates according to the Iowa Uniform
Management of Institutional Funds Act.

Faithfulness to donors' wishes

Donors are assured of their gifts being used as directed.
Donations or bequests may be made to the Foundation with
the understanding that these assets will not be used for
general day-to-day church maintenance or operation, but will
be applied to new, lasting improvements or mission projects.
Donations or bequests may be made to the Endowment
Fund, the Development Fund, or the Unrestricted Fund.
Unrestricted gifts provide maximum flexibility to the
Foundation to meet future unanticipated or strategic needs of
the church.

Targeted bequests

You can provide both the inspiration and the means for
meeting particular church needs or making special church
improvements and acquisitions. The Foundation is here to
help bring your good ideas to reality. Past gifts have included
kitchen equipment, chairs and tables for Fellowship Hall,
choir room air conditioning, a much needed stair handrail,
and the establishment of the Boys and Girls Club housed in
the church.

The Kirkwood Tower Formed

Long-time member Lucy Norton and her family helped the
trustees of the First Presbyterian Church Foundation
establish The Kirkwood Tower Circle. This honor is bestowed
upon any member or friend of First Presbyterian Church who
indicates to the trustees that he or she has included The
Foundation of First Presbyterian Church in his or her estate

Those honored will receive a certificate of
membership and a beautifully framed, matted, color
print of the Kirkwood Tower of the First Presbyterian
Church of Davenport painted by noted Quad City
artist, Paul Norton, who was a First Church member
for many decades.

The original water color was presented to the
trustees in a service of worship on January 28, 2001,
when family and friends of Lucy gathered to
celebrate her 90th birthday. In making that gift, Lucy
challenged all members and friends of First Church
to include the church in their estate planning just as
she and Paul did years ago. She wanted the
Kirkwood Tower watercolor print to hang in every
household indicating that individual or family has
intentionally included the church in its planned
giving. "The church needs to be here for the youth of
tomorrow," Lucy pointed out. "The where
you spiritual heart is," she added. Wise investment of
the accumulated financial resources of members and
friends who bequest them to the church when they
no longer need them for themselves guarantees the
continuation of the ministries of Jesus Christ at the
corner of Kirkwood and Iowa long into the future.

The Foundation and staff invite inquiries, but
recommend donors consult with a family lawyer, tax
consultant, broker, or insurance professional.

For additional information about the Foundation of
First Presbyterian Church, contact the church
Business Office at 563-326-1691, ext. 219, or

For information on the Presbyterian Foundation go to
this website, 


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