As the body of Christ, First Presbyterian Church’s mission
programs seek to reach out to the community and to the
world to care for those in need.

The Deacons’ Mission Connection facilitates the
congregation’s ability to witness to and carry out the
compassionate love of Christ by sharing time, talent, and
resources with people beyond the local community.  
Mission Connection coordinates trips to Guatemala and
supports the host organization throughout the year.  

Equally important are national mission trips which develop
long-term relationships with communities in the United
States, i.e. trips to hurricane-damaged Mississippi towns,
flood-devastated Iowa towns, and the Lakota Native
American Reservation in South Dakota. Visit the
website to learn more about the Pine Ridge
Reservation in South Dakota.

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2015 Youth Re-Member Mission Trip at the  Lakota Native
First  Presbyterian Church heart of the city
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Mission  Activities

Guatemala Mission Partnership
Irrigation Systems and Seeds for Guatemala

Watch this video:


Seeing people with new eyes

Touching the world with new hearts

Building community with new commitments

Engaging lives in ways that change our own.

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Visit the church’s Facebook page to see all of the 2014
mission trip pictures.

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Go to Guatemala! The 2018 trip to visit ILUGUA
(Lutheran Church of Guatemala) is scheduled for May
19-26.  This is an opportunity to get a firsthand view of
ILUGUA’s outreach to rural communities and perhaps
even an opportunity to deepen your own faith in the
process.  Pastors Pilar and Eduardo will welcome us as
we stay in the guest house located behind the church
and travel to mission sites and community meetings.  
This is not a work trip—given the resources,
Guatemalans are more than capable of doing physical
labor—but rather a trip of accompaniment, support and
solidarity with our fellow Christians.  The total cost is
estimated at $1,500-$2,000 (dependent on flight
availability) but grants are available through the Mission
Connection committee of Deacons for those who need
funding assistance.  For more information, contact Craig
Foster (563-391-4622,