Where Presbyterians Fit into the
Protestant Tradition

First Presbyterian Church is part of a denomination of the
historic Reformed tradition. Presbyterians understand the
Bible to be the essential rule of faith and practice, very much
as other Protestants do. They believe that God exists in the
trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; that Christ
is the Son of God, the Revealer of God, and the Savior of
humanity; and that the church is the Body of Christ in the
world. Education is stressed by Presbyterians - both for the
ministry and the laity. Presbyterians believe that the Holy
Spirit constantly enlightens truth, and thus they admit
different understandings of the historical confessions of faith.
Ultimately, every Presbyterian must find a personal
understanding of faith through study, contemplation, and
worship. A very important principle is that "God alone is Lord
of the conscience."

Presbyterians emphasize active participation in ministry and
worship for all members. The real ministry belongs to the
membership of the church, not a special group of clergy set
apart from the rest. Presbyterians follow a stated, although
not strict, liturgy in services of worship. Thoughtful reading
and interpretation of scriptures and prayer are the essentials
of worship. The liturgy is designed to include the entire
congregation in worship -- just as ministry includes all

First Presbyterian Church of Davenport is an inclusive, caring
community of faith committed to loving God, loving neighbor
as self, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with all people
through worship, fellowship, and service.

This church is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, USA,
the largest of the mainline Presbyterian bodies in the U.S.,
and is a part of the
Synod of the Lakes and Prairies and the
Presbytery of East Iowa.

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Our Mission

The mission of First Presbyterian Church of
Davenport, Iowa, is to be the light of the world and the
salt of the earth. This means we -

Reach out to those not presently part of a Christian

Promote peace, justice and human dignity,

Offer ourselves in faithful and loving service to
God and to all people,

Deepen our faith and discipleship through worship,
study, prayer, stewardship, service and all means
of grace.

Our Vision

To Be a Beacon….

Worshipping God through the power of the Holy
Spirit, the Word made flesh in Jesus Christ, the
Sacraments, prayer, and joyful song,

Affirming an inclusive faith community rooted in
our Presbyterian beliefs and biblical

Learning and growing spiritually in life-long

Serving one another, the community and the world
with imagination, enthusiasm and love.

We Believe

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