Music Education

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The sacred-based, highly-acclaimed
curriculum, “God, My Family, and Me!” is
the basis for this exciting new ministry.  
First Presbyterian Church, Davenport
continues to be a leader in music ministry
by being one of the first churches in the
nation to add this outstanding sacred
curriculum offering for its youngest children
of God.

Musikgarten's philosophy is steeped in this
understanding: movement and music
activities are perfect for child development;
music immerses the child in language;
evokes movement; stimulates the brain;
and fosters physical coordination -- all in a
group setting that builds a God-centered,
musical community -- a truly holistic

It’s the best 30 minutes of the week as
parents and grandparents sing, dance and
play with their children. Classes are a
musical experience designed to bring the
joy of music to parent/caregiver and child.  
Activities include songs, movement,
focused listening and the use of simple
instruments.  Each class features bouncing
and rocking songs, wiggle and peek-a-boo
games, and other fun age-specific
activities. Classes meet in the Christian
Education building from 10:20-10:50 am
am. If you have questions or would like
more information, please contact

First  Presbyterian  Church heart of the city
We Believe

Classes meet on Sundays

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Here’s what parents say about
the program:

"Musikgarten is the highlight of
my child's week! She sings the
songs during the week and
always looks forward to class."

"It's made my kids excited about
God/church and brought us
regularly to church.”

“Musikgarten was great. We look
forward to Sundays.”

“He is so much more engaged in
music, dancing and

“She loves the music. You’ll turn
it on and all of a sudden her face
changes. She gets excited, she
dances around.”

“You get so caught up in
parenting her sometimes…you
forget to do things with them. To
have games to take home to do
with them, that’s really helpful.”

“It is easy, for someone who’s
never been here before, to walk
into that circle and sit down with
their little one and feel a part of it
right away.”

Creating a Solid Musical and Spiritual Foundation for FPC

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