Accounting and Administrative Assistant

Accounting and Administrative Assistant   –   APPLY


General Accounting Responsibilities

  1. General Ledger: Assist in maintaining balanced general ledgers through the posting of all accounting entries, recording cash receipts, disbursement, and necessary journal entries required. Print reports from the general ledger system as requested.
  2. Weekly pledge collection: Receive and tabulate all Church and Foundation monies.
  3. Volunteers: Co-supervise the volunteers in the counting and the distribution of the weekly cash and pledge collections.
  4. Contribution Statements: Fold and stuff quarterly contribution statements and deliver to the Post Office.
  5. Posting receipts: Post all methods of payment (for example, cash, checks, ACH bank transfers, credit card receipts, stock donations) into donors’ accounts on church accounting software.
  6. Memorials: Record and acknowledge memorial contributions. Mail complete listings to survivor contact person monthly.
  7. Accounts Payable: Enter invoices for payment as directed by the Director of Business Administration.
  8. Follow up on contributions and payables: Follow up on questions and concerns regarding contributions and/or payables and reconcile any differences.
  9. Check preparation: Prepare all disbursement checks for approval and signature.
  10. Recurring payments: Process monthly, recurring payments to organizations that are not originated by an invoice and each of which is properly approved.
  11. Supporting documentation: Request supporting documentation for requests for payment, if needed.
  12. Account reconciliations: Reconcile bank and investment statements for multiple accounts as designated by the Director of Business Administration. This includes preparing and posting necessary journal entries.
  13. Communications: Able to work with staff and volunteers and interact well with members of the congregation.
  14. In-kind donations: Prepare letters to members regarding in-kind donations.
  15. Payroll processing: Serve as backup for payroll processing.
  16. Account reconciliations for custodial and passthrough accounts: Prepare detailed account reconciliations for custodial and passthrough accounts quarterly as instructed by the Director of Business Administration.
  17. Journal entries: Copy and attach support for journal entries. Record standard journal entries.

Church Membership & Records Responsibilities

  1. Systems Administrator for the Membership Database: Input All Personal Information Fields, Report Status (active, baptized, inactive, visitor), Membership Gains (profession, reaffirmation, restored, certificate), Membership Losses (certificate, death, other losses), Church School Enrollment, Groups & Classes, Skills & Interests, All programmatic profile codes. Identify and create new fields and produce standard and customized reports.
    1. Provides specified membership data for various projects as needed (example: annual church directory, annual report).
  2. Certificate Preparation: Prepares all certificates and correspondence required for membership transfers, baptisms, etc., including address, membership status, and membership activity changes.
  3. Preserving Historical Records: Maintains church membership records as permanent copy membership files. Biannually assists the Heritage/Historical Preservation Committee in preserving historical archives.
  4. Volunteer Management: Manages church office volunteers in the entering of membership attendance into the database and assists them in addressing related issues as they arise.
  5. Welcome Desk:Organizes the Welcome Desk, including creation of visitor packages.
  6. Visitor Follow-Up:Identifies all visitors (from Fellowship Register) and facilitates follow-up greetings, correspondence, and information packages.
    1. Develops and maintains system of adding visitors to mailing lists and identifies potential new members.

General Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Receptionist:Serves as church phone receptionist, answers incoming calls and takes messages or transfers calls to the appropriate staff member (coordinated by the Director of Office Administration).
  2. Publications: Assist the Director of Office Administration with printing bulletins or other publications, folding, stuffing inserts or envelopes.
  3. Session/Deacon Assistance: Assists the Clerk of Session (church council) and Deacon Moderator with reports and information.
    1. Assists the Clerk of Session in preparing the monthly session statistical report.
    2. May be called upon to send email packets to session members or deacons.
    3. Coordinates with the Clerk of Session on monthly membership information for the Clerk’s Report for Session and the annual membership statistics for the Annual Report.
    4. Maintains Session office record binder, which includes Agendas, Clerk’s Reports, and Session Minutes.
    5. Inputs, maintains, and updates annual Session and Deacon ordination/installation information. Assists with the creation and organization of materials for officer training.
    6. Prepares Deacon, Session, and Committee rosters.

The above is intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed by the employee with this job title. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of the employee assigned to this job. The job description does not constitute an employment agreement between the employer and employee and is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the employer and requirements of the job change. Other duties may be assigned by the Pastor/Head of Staff, Director of Business Administration, or the Director of Office Administration.


  • 2-3 years accounting, bookkeeping, or banking experience.
  • Ability to learn the organizational system of the church and Presbytery to maintain accurate membership database system and records.
  • Ability to learn and take ownership of member databased software application.
  • Ability to communicate with all personality types both in person and on the telephone in a consistent warm, positive, caring, and friendly manner.
  • Possess grammar and time management skills necessary to produce and proofread timely, quality correspondence.
  • Ability to perform duties with preplanning, consistency, and order, while communicating the status of projects to the staff as needed.
  • Ability to work in cooperation with other staff members, volunteers, committees, etc.
  • Ability to be supportive to the pastoral staff and the mission of church.
  • Willingness to attend training and/or continuing education classes as directed by the Head of Staff. Possible examples: church database training and/or accompany the Clerk of Session to related Presbytery record keeping training.

General Terms of Employment and Benefits

FSLA Classification: Part-time, Nonexempt

Hours: 20 hrs./week

Reports To: Head of Staff, Director of Financial and Business Administration, Director of Office Administration, and the Session through the Personnel Committee

Contact Information

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