Highlights from Pandemic Response Team Meetings

August 27th Update

The team approved a congregational survey to be sent out regarding fellowship and worship opportunities. They also discussed adding a drive-in communion service on the weekend. Scott county had over 40 new COVID cases this day, far over our reopening threshold of 5...

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August 20th Update

A motion was made to purchase smaller three air purification machines, with a larger machine to be donated. These should allow for safer meetings in multiple classrooms and a single larger space. Dr. Andy checked with Dr. Katz, who still advises against indoor worship.

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August 13th Update

The team planned out a procedure for choir rehearsal which allows for social distancing, masks, and airflow outdoors. This proposal will be taken to Session, and if approved will also allow larger church-sponsored activities with masks and social distancing. Scott...

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August 6th Update

Local COVID rates are still too high for indoor worship. The team approved a motion for drive-in communion to send to Session, and explored the possibility of air purification machines for classrooms and spaces such as Von Maur Hall.

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July 30rd Update

The pandemic team reviewed potential air ionization systems, and will collect another bid. It is not likely that these systems will be effective in our sanctuary, due to its large size and historic architecture. However, portable air purification machines with HEPA...

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July 23rd Update

The pandemic team meets every Thursday to talk about the appropriateness of opening the church for weekly worship services. Currently, the Covid numbers are so high in the nine County area surrounding Scott county, it is not safe to have in-person worship. The...

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