Pandemic Task Force Letter

May 2022

Congregational Letter

To the Congregation of FPC:

COVID-19 and its variants have continued to be present in the area but at a low risk level. This virus risk level has stabilized in the last two weeks; while not ideal, we are at a place that makes this a good time to start optional masking on June 5. If the level goes to high-risk CDC recommends masking indoors.

Also, starting June 5th, FPC will start the summer outside service at 8:30 am. The inside service will move to 10:00 am and will also be live-streamed.

Along with the move to summer service times, FPC will restart some traditional service practices. You will find that the fellowship pads will be passed to those sitting in your row. This will let you connect with those seated near you and help you to greet each other by name. The offering plate will be passed as we did in 2019 and, eventually, the Communion elements will once again be passed with tray service.  On June 5, though, we will be using separate pre-packaged communion cups and wafers.

You will also see that the choir will continue to be masked just because of the amount of aerosols their breathing and singing generate. Also, masks will continue to be worn in the staff area (the entire second floor of the education building). Signs will be posted to indicate the staff area.

The Pandemic Task Force will continue to monitor hospitalization and community outbreaks in the area, but if the risk levels greatly increase FPC may, at some point, be required to return to masking. We hope and pray that COVID risk levels remain stable and do not increase or peak.


The Pandemic Task Force

Dr. Andy Bowles Edwards
Heather Calvert
Jim Middleton
Kristine Oswald
Pam Paulsen
Jeanne Sherwood
RuthAnn Tobey-Brown

Matt Bishop, Director of Music
Darren Long, Maintenance & Custodial Supervisor
Rev. Dr. Kathy Stoner-Lasala, Bridging Pastor​