Session Committees


Session Committees:

Adult Christian Education (ACE)
Chair: Heather Calvert

Buildings & Grounds
Chair: Pete Madden

Christian Education & Fellowship for Youth (CEFY)
Chair: Diane Roebuck

Congregational Development & Fellowship
Chair: Val Horvat

CMGC Committee
Co-Chair: David Bowles Edwards
Co-Chair: Jeff Ehrmann

Chair: Tom Spitzfaden

Hospitality & Welcoming
Chair: Paula Burnett

Personnel Committee
Chair: Ruth Ann Tobey-Brown

Chair: Patrick Downing

Worship & Music
Chair: Kathlynn Price

2021 Nominating
Chair: Heather Calvert

Clerk of Session: Mark Jones

Serving Elders

Class of 2021

Paula Burnett
Dan Ellard
Jeff Gomez
Pete Madden
Diane Roebuck
Karla Ruiter
Don Wood

Class of 2022

Heather Calvert
Jeff Ehrmann
Matt Kabel
Jeanne Sherwood
Tom Spitzfadden
Vicki Stegall

Class of 2023

David Bowles-Edwards
Jim DeReus
Patrick Downing
Michael Ferris
RuthAnn Tobey-Brown
Jim Wood

Session Minutes